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Hello, my lovely! I hope all is well and to those reading my blog for the first time I welcome you to my humble abode. I know it’s been a while, you know being a college student trying to thrive, survive and live my life just like everyone else.

Now one thing I want to focus on the topic of tonight, or whenever I actually publish this article is jewelry! In the spirit of the holiday season, I want to discuss my favorite jewelry fall to winter trends. Of course feel free to comment and share is your favorite trends.

While, yes it’s  easy to show you guys the flash pieces of extravagant of jewelry with gorgeous models walking down the runway. I just think it’s generic and… okay maybe one!

Image from Shilpaahuja


Anyway, back to my article I want to move with pieces that a simple everyday gal can get. One of my personal favorites is large pendants. Necklaces with large pendant pieces are the simple yet bold way to show your sense of style without going out of your way to become too dressy. You can have a simple outfit of the oversized sweater and jeans and add on a large pendant that complements the color and style of your outfit. Then you are ready to go!The best part about large pendants is that you can make your own pendant based on your own style and personality.

Handmade Pendant

I made one the other day. For fun its simple and made it out of wire and glass beads. While the beads are from Ghana you can find similar beads in Michaels and in your local crafting store.

Another one that stands out to me is the asymmetric earrings.  This style is not for the perfectionist at heart. But this is a good style for those who want to switch it up! While you can buy pairs of asymmetric from various stores from Hot Topic, Macy’s, and H&M. But you don’t even have to do that just mix and match your earrings based on your mood. It like you can get the best of both worlds when picking your earrings. You can have your ears be as dainty and delicate looking as you like. I like having a simple stud earring and a dangle earring on the other!

The next style is anything that follows the color scheme of the Holiday.  Mostly pearl jewelry. It’s a classic and every girl should have at least one pearl piece. It’s beautiful and elegant. There are various types that one may prefer. There is fresh water, cultured or

Winter Jewelry
Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

even Tahitian pearls.  And sure investing in a quality pearl piece can be daunting but doing some research and finding that one piece that truly stands out to you. It will be worth it!  The secret is to make sure it goes with your overall style so that will wear it multiple times.

Tell me what is your favorite holiday jewelry style and trend? Are there styles that you don’t like? Feel free to tell me what you think!

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