Satisfy your Curiosity: Why copper metal?
Copper metal ware
Copper Cookware

A brief history…

If you have seen read the articles and seen my photography and one of the media I mostly use in my jewelry and there are many reasons to why that is. It was mentioned before that I am currently pursuing a degree in electrical engineering and copper is the most commonly used metal in the engineering world because of its high conductivity in distributing electricity with machinery.

I have used copper to create a power regulator for a school project. The main components of the motherboard was a copper plate. This shows how copper is a versatile metal that I used all my life. It is not just used to create high-quality electrical equipment. However, to also make high-quality handmade jewelry. This is due to great accessibility and affordability.


Copper metal Lock Jewelry
Copper Lock Jewelry

It is also rumored that copper had healing properties and the positive effects on the human body. Like zinc, copper is also needed in a balanced diet, however many are deficient in copper. The body needs copper for the joint and nervous system.

By wearing copper jewelry you can absorb some of the copper through your skin. There are claims that wearing copper jewelry relieves circulation and joint problems.What is fascinating about copper is that I always found it to be the middle metal of the spectrum.

While it’s not gold, which is a metal that I personally perceive as a higher level in terms of age and social status and silver is commonly worn by younger women. Copper is the middle ground that will work with anybody of various classes and age.But all in all, copper is a medium I love because in the purest form is shiny and pliable so it’s easy to manipulate and create various designs and type of jewelry. With this metal ore your are only limited by your imagination!



  1. As long as it is real copper I am sure that is a fine product.
    I only say that cause I am allergic to nickel. The metal is found in a lot of copper based products and turns me green. This information can be good and irrelevant. Just know there are people like me out there that like jewelry but certain metals don’t work for us.
    Copper sounds wonderful though. Better than Brass which really can make some one turn green
    I should get one for my sister though. She’d love it.

    1. Oh yeah! I have experience working with people who have very sensitive skin.  While I find copper to be one of the safest metals I use to accommodate people with those conditions I also have to make sure it’s the purest copper in my pieces in Ghana. And I myself have sensitive skin and yeah Brass can turn your skin green. lol  

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