Make Your Statement!

A journey down memory lane…

So after a long week of classes, I needed to find a gateway from school. I decided to make a new statement necklace.  And I organized my jewelry collection. It used to be all in one jewelry box my friend brought me back in freshman year. The box is kind of old I want to change things up and display all my jewelry. Not sure on whether I should buy a jewelry display or make my own.

As I organized, polished and untangles some of my jewelry, I found two statement necklaces. One was a gift from one of my mother’s co-workers. The other was a family trip.

Statement Necklace1

The first necklace I will show is my statement necklace my parents bought for me on a trip to Jordan back on 2010 I believe. It is made of sterling silver and crystal beads. After traveling and exploring the rose city of Petra, my family and I walked around Amman. We stopped by a local crafting shop and mom was wondering around and bought some rugs and decorated plates. As I was looking around I saw some beautiful jewelry.

Something Bold

The collection of earrings, bracelets, however, this one necklace stood out the most. This gorgeous necklace was just looking at me and I knew I must have it! What stood out to me is the color scheme. Purple is my favorite color, I just love the color and the various shades, tints, and hues it comes in. I was bored and decided to paint some construction paper.


statement necklace2

Something Handmade…

This one was a gift from a family friend, a woman originally from the Philippines, a country I would like to visit one day. While that is her family of origin this statement piece is not from the Philippines. It might be a necklace from Costa Rica.  The reason is that Philippine jewelry tends to use gold as the motif whereas Costa Rica is known for bright and bold color palette.

To complement the look I create used a bright yellow background simply painted blue on top!  The mixture of blue paint and yellow paper create a gorgeous green hue that perfectly matched with the green beads on the necklace.

The piece right above is little different and is still a work in progress. It’s a simple statement piece.  It got the chain and the 16 gauge aluminum wire from Michael’s, the main attention is the blue glass beads that I brought in Ghana back in 2011 in an Arts and crafts shop and the mint green stone beads also in Ghana but in a market called Makola a renown shopping area in Ghana.

It’s a huge outdoor shopping center. Virtually anything is sold there, from produce, Kente cloth, household items and traditional and handmade jewelry.Then there are the endless supplies of beads! To complement the piece I  used a light mint green construction paper and blue watercolor for a softer look.

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