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Disk paper beads
Large paper beads

Here is my update

In my previous post, I talked a bit about paper beads and the background behind them. So after doing more research, I want to go more in depth on how you make them. For those who want to purchase them,  they are beautiful as they are tedious to make, especially if you plan to use your beads for large projects. For instance, if you wanna make a statement necklace, then it will definitely take some time to make those beads and coordinate the pattern for the desired look. Now from the look of these pieces, it is totally worth it.

Before we get things started  I  just want to help those who are curious in finding a trusted place to purchase paper beads and a small background of the company. If you would you do not have time, energy or if you would like to combine your handmade batch with your purchased batch. These eye candies from Uganda. Project Have Hope is an Organization that works with women in Uganda by selling handmade jewelry. The money is raised to support the villages. This includes feeding kids supporting, their school and even funding scholarships for disadvantaged students.

Long paper beads
Long paper beads

You guys know that I wish I could physically make them myself and show you, via a video or some pictures that would show how to do them step by step. But we just have to do with what we have and I can only explain it to you guys. I will be returning to the Buffalo (God Willing) by the 11th. I will gather the supplies and make some and show you guys how to make them. Just see this article as a future reference.

Now let the paper bead making commence! 

There are various ways to make paper beads. For now, I am just going to pick the one I prefer. These are the items you need:

  • –>Paper
  • –>Crafting scissors
  • –>Bamboo skewer
  • –>Glue(Liquid or glue stick will do the trick!)
  • –>Medium to decorate markers, colored pencils, pens or even paint
  • –>Varnish
  1. Cut the paper into long triangles. Just remember the greater the base of your triangle is the larger the triangle will be, thus the thicker the bead will be.
  2. Now create your design. You can start off by coloring an inch one color than alternate between two colors.
  3.  Turn the triangle upside down and apply a bit of glue at the tip of the triangle.
  4. Take your bamboo skewer and start the base and roll the triangle around itself.
  5. Try to keep your triangle as centered as you roll it or the design will not display as well and roll as tight as you can.
  6. Now finish your bead by gluing the tip of the triangle to the rolled paper. Do not worry if the bead does glue tightly, just add a dab of glue.

    Paperbead template

  7. Apply varnish and make sure the bamboo stick does not touch anything.
  8. When the bead is completely dry just slide the bead off the bamboo skewer and voila!


  • In this mini tutorial, we used triangle shapes to make out beads but there are various templates to use create various shapes of beads. Again only your imagination is the limit. Refer to the image to the right. But of course, you can make your own template.
  • You can use styrofoam as a pin cushion for the bamboo skewers to allow the beads to dry properly.
  • Use a straight edge when cutting out your beads.
  • Have fun!

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