The Perfect Jewels for your Loved Ones

I am alive!

What to write. What to write. Update: I am out of school and finally done with examines! And I must say I love the feeling! You know that feeling when the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders.  Anyways, for those who still read my blog and I don’t blame anyone because I haven’t posted as often as I used to.

It has been a crazy ride

While I am out of school it will be a little busy but I will still pump out posts and talk to you guys. But now that I am settled I am here with my mom and brother.  If you are a jewelry lover and wish to share the lover or you know a jewelry lover and you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your friend or loved one. You can also buy a gift for yourself.

I know typically I focus on jewelry for women and girls but I also focus on the men of your lives that you love and cherish, whether it’s your brother, uncle, father or someone who might as well be here are some pieces to consider. Something that can be considered for an older man and I recommend this as a daughter who brought this for her dad.  Cufflinks are one of the best options.

Let’s focus on the men

What I love about cufflinks is that there not just useful and look elegant in your favorite suite but there are some way kinds. While men of all ages can appreciate a good pair of links I tend to give these to my father and uncles who are more settled with their lives personally and financially and likely have the one suit that they would add a gorgeous pair of cufflinks to them.

For brother, cousins or men that might as well be are watches and cuffs.  Of course, the style depends on the personality and style of all other things. This is great to give to young men which included late teens to college-aged men.

There are some pieces you can look for inspiration.  As someone who has a teenage brother about to get ready to go to college and are trying to find themselves and their sense of style. They also like to go out with friends and want to be fashionable. Something that is minimalist and vintage styles of complements a large range of outfits, styles and any occasion.

you can give. Personally, a set of freshwater pearls never fails.  My maternal grandmother loved pearls and would wear them to church and some time should wear them around the house just because she could. I would typically go for the classic pearl necklace or invest in a set.

The daughter, sisters, nieces or someone who might as well

For the daughter, sister or someone who might as well be I would go with earrings. There is something about a set of earrings that I love. There is so much personality to a pair of earrings whether its brought or handmade, earrings arete accessories that can complement and enhance your outfit and your facial features. You can give out studs to drop or even bold look-at-me earrings.

So tell me what you think! Was there someone I am missing? Feel free to comment below on whether you like this article or if I am just talking to myself an just talking complete nonsense or if you like or love my writing. I will write sooner than later.


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