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Hello all! I am so excited to present to you my latest loc piece designs. I diversify the collection, by using other metals, such as aluminum and silver-plated copper. Readers of JYJ will know while I love creating a variety of pieces, Loc jewelry will always have a special place in my heart. Of course, I have my own personal collection (more on that in a future post). What inspired me to create this collection, is the journey of continuous growth.  I believe one should always challenge to be the best self they can be.  Notice that not only did I use aluminum, which is an extra soft metal to work with but I also use it in a form of flat metal. Each came with its own challenges.

 Flat Aluminum Lock Piece

flatwire locjewerly

Starting with the Flatwire lock piece! It made of a 16 gauge flat aluminum wire and of one-inch steampunk style copper chain. The chain is complemented with a blue-green ceramic bead. The challenge of making this piece is using flat wire instead of the standard round wire. The obstacle was adding a dangle charm that will complement the flatness of the wire while avoiding any bulkiness. I would like to say that it worked out quite well. It is 30 mm circumference so it works best for those with thick (medium ) braids, twist or locks.

Double Swirl Lock Jewelry


This next piece is another eye-catcher. It involved using two wires together and each end with  26 gauge copper wire.  The key was that the weaving process was done while the two wire while they are straight. Then twisted to do it fits the loc. I had to work with manipulating two aluminum wires together and to make sure the copper “stitching” would not unravel.It is 30 mm circumference, so it works best for those with thick (medium ) braids, twist or locks.

Lock Jewelry with Copper Woven Charm

Copper Loc jewelry

Last, but definitely not the least my copper lock piece with woven charm. Yes, the charm was also made.  Every component is made of copper, except the clay bead, of course! The lock hook itself was simple to make. It is made for small locks. It is of 10mm circumference and took only a few moments to make. The real kicker was weaving the 26 gauge copers around the 16 gauge wire to create the charm presented in front of you. The trick is to hold on to the already woven copper wire while weaving the rest in.


So tell me what you think? Like what you see? Is there something that you would like to see more of? Leave a question and/or comment below!

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