Jewelry at your finger tip: Is it worth it?


Would you get rid of all your gold or silver for the wave of light beam? Well? Would you?

Imagine walking into a jewelry store and the salesperson approaches you and tells you that you can pick, money not being an object, any of the material available and the piece will be customized for you.  What would you pick?

Would you like silver, gold, copper or possibly a combination? Would you have this piece created with you in mind or is it for a loved one?

How many beads would you like? Is there a motif or a centerpiece of your jewelry? What kind of piece would this be? Would this be a necklace, bracelet, earring? Maybe something different like a belly ring?

You have to wonder…

These are some questions I asked myself. I know, it is strange but sometimes I wonder why I have been always so found myself interested. I am a someone who has collected and designed jewelry most of my life.  I do not have a moment in my life the made my interest in jewelry but I always was.

What I like about making jewelry or the joy giving (or receiving) a piece that was brought and possibly designed with you in mind and it might just be human nature, we just like shiny things!

I do not have a moment in my life the made my interest in jewelry but I always was. What I like about making jewelry or the joy giving (or receiving) a piece that was brought and possibly designed with you in mind and it might just be human nature., we just like shiny things!

Why does jewelry exist?

Some of us are just attracted to the idea of creating something beautiful! Of course, there are those who are attracted to the idea of possessing and wearing such beautiful pieces. In fact, jewelry is commonly used as a status symbol. Perhaps during ancient times, there was a certain piece of jewelry that only those who are considered royalty.

Of course, in today’s world this is shown through celebrities and millionaires and even though regular people cannot afford it we do our best to emulate it.

As someone who travels I notice another reason to use jewelry is for an exchange and sharing of cultures. For instance, traveling around Africa, a continent that most westerners would not think to be a diverse continent. However, if you travel and go or the art markets you would notice that jewelry, the metals and the main motif the beads are different. Different patterns and designs are not even made of the same materials and these found mainly in their handmade jewelry.

Handmade jewelry

Copper Chandelier Jewelry
Copper Chandelier Earrings


What is make handmade jewelry difference between handmade jewelry is that it came from of the designer and in some cases, it is made with the customer in mind. I personally see handmade jewelry as wearable art.

Sometimes it can be undermined in the art world. It seems easier to admire the various paintings, murals, and sculptures. But with a necklace, for instance, it is not as common to see on display.

As a jewelry maker and designer, I know that we tend to have an intimate relationship with the process of making the jewelry. Along with making an emotional connection with the process jewelry designers.

There is the benefit of sustainably while being ethical can be pricey in comparison to buying from a dealer with lower prices and shady sourcing, we find all to be worth it not just for ourselves but also for our clients.

But we also tend to find the materials that are meant to last and we get our materials from ethical sources. In fact, there are quite of few organizations that run on a team of jewelry designers that create a Jaw dropping piece and their profit to support certain causes. If you want to read more into that one of my posts explain a little more into that. Feel free to check it out!

Jewelry in the future?

Now I want to introduce you to (krasmiansky, 2014)as the company mentions a “brilliant jewelry line created in the minds of Polish art collective”. You will be trading in your physical pieces for a Pico projector. This is done with an app with options for movement. The modes are Movi, Roto, Sono and Airo.

Airo Jewelry

“Airo” displays horizontal bands of light that reacts to walking speed (measured by smartphone pedometer)“Roto” mimics a ribbon design and rotates according to body position (corresponding to phone compass)“Movi” is a curved shape that bounces in-step with body movement (measured by accelerometer)“Soni” radiates pixels of light, corresponding to ambient noise and vocals (captured by microphone)

(krasmiansky, 2014)

Roto Jewelry

Essentially each one collects information based on how you move, walk and rotate your body. The technology is not at its full capabilities yet but who knows, maybe we will be seeing more of this within a few years’ time.

It’s rather strange but interesting concept, there is not the official price for this line of “jewelry” but I kind of give us this perception of body decorating and self-expression.  While some may be open to the idea I personally am not sure if I would wear this kind of jewelry.

As an engineering student, there is a technical curiosity. Such what coding language was used and possibility how much would it cost to use and download the app.

What do you think?

Sono Jewelry

I also wonder about the trials and reviews of this product. It’s fascinating how pico projecting technology monitors your movement to create a piece of jewelry that complements the movement of your body.

While this represents the change of time and fashion, will there be a value like holding a tangible piece of jewelry that is not just used as a status symbol, but also as a family heirloom or a trade between people of different worlds?

movi jewelry

There are a few pros of using wearing this type of jewelry. The concept is actually cool, the light beams react to the movements and the sound of your voice!

This can be an alternative to those who have sensitive skin and it might be cheaper and quicker to use, hence the phrase “Jewelry at your fingertips”.

However, if this type of jewelry becomes the mainstream will to have the same symbolism as traditional jewelry. Will it a just be another option for wearers or will become like the change of physical textbooks to a digital copy?


Now, this is where I tie this article into a sweet little bow. With all this out of the open, I personally wonder how many open people to take all the physical and historical concept of jewelry of moving lights. Tell me what you guys think. Leave any comments, question and on whether you are for or against it. I would really like to hear it from everyone!


krasmiansky, A. (2014, November 5). ‘Neclumi’ Projected Necklace Replaces Material Jewelry with Decorative Light. Retrieved from PSFK:




  1. wow i never knew that there is a jewelry that reflects from a projector.. kramiansky is really awesome.. i wonder what the future technology could offer in jewelry industry seeing this improvements!

    thank you for sharing tho.. i will stick to handmade jewelry as for now, as i love custom made things

  2. I love reading your post because I am a jewelry person and I love jewelries. To answer your question, NO I will not trade my expensive jewelries for a beam of light, if this is what you call jewelry at your finger tips. My opinion about it, is I don’t like it at all and I am not going to wear one like it. I will stick to my gold and diamond and precious stones…those are the kind of jewelries I want. I love jewelries that last, that have quality and value. I connect with these things. It make me feel good and elated when I wear them.

    1. Thank you so much! I agree! Some of my  friends are open to it. It’s something about a piece of jewelry, particularly one with sentimental value that last and that I can physically feel has more meaning then a ray of light in my opinion.

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