A HeART of Gold
  The chemistry of Gold Gold also known as Au is a soft yellow metal that is used to make coins, jewelry, kitchenware and even home decor. It's a metal that represents wealth and power since the beginning of human history. Solid Metal Phenomena So it is not a surprise that it's commonly worn as jewelry.... Read More
New year, New you!
A New Year, A New You! Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome to the finance diary. Notice how I repeated that? If you want to get the real, raw and honest look at making money and learn (with me) how to create multiple streams of income this is the site for you! Please be advised that I... Read More
The Perfect Jewels for your Loved Ones
I am alive! What to write. What to write. Update: I am out of school and finally done with examines! And I must say I love the feeling! You know that feeling when the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders.  Anyways, for those who still read my blog and I don't blame... Read More
Winter Fashion and Trends
Hello, my lovely! I hope all is well and to those reading my blog for the first time I welcome you to my humble abode. I know it's been a while, you know being a college student trying to thrive, survive and live my life just like everyone else. Now one thing I want to... Read More
My 6 dollar DIY Jewelry Organizer
Being a struggling student in middle a Buffalo who is academically pursuing a degree that has nothing to do with my blogging niche. We are all struggling here, it’s the middle of November and its almost Thanksgiving. The wear and tear of college start showing. It all starts with students skipping class, missing homework assignments... Read More
Make Your Statement!
A journey down memory lane... So after a long week of classes, I needed to find a gateway from school. I decided to make a new statement necklace.  And I organized my jewelry collection. It used to be all in one jewelry box my friend brought me back in freshman year. The box is kind of... Read More
Latest of the JYJ Loc Collection
 I am so excited to show you... Hello all! I am so excited to present to you my latest loc piece designs. I diversify the collection, by using other metals, such as aluminum and silver-plated copper. Readers of JYJ will know while I love creating a variety of pieces, Loc jewelry will always have a... Read More
Metals 101- Is all Silver the same?
Silver with so much take, which one is real and which one is fake? The selling diary continues, well…sort of. While I am taking a small break from selling I want to go into a topic that is way overdue. To be frank, I think this topic is not discussed enough. What methods can be... Read More
A fashion line for men’s jewelry
Do we need a change? If you are a frequent reader of JYJ it’s no secret that we are known for our feminine jewelry line. While jewelry, especially handmade jewelry industry.  It seems that menswear is not seen as important because we have this perception of what is being a man and the definition of... Read More
Cheap Scrap metal sold as Sterling silver! How?!
Update on Jewelry selling As I mentioned while back I am slowly selling my jewelry.  There are assorted reasons why. I want to lighten the load before I graduate and will be entering a new stage of my life want to make not just finical and social goals but to also career and fashion related goals.... Read More