My 6 dollar DIY Jewelry Organizer

Being a struggling student in middle a Buffalo who is academically pursuing a degree that has nothing to do with my blogging niche. We are all struggling here, it’s the middle of November and its almost Thanksgiving.

The wear and tear of college start showing. It all starts with students skipping class, missing homework assignments and in my case losing or missing place stuff that we don’t usually lose.

Another issue for many students, particularly those who have other interest is organizing and separating them in the space we have available. For me, I have an issue with organizing my engineering stuff and jewelry crafting stuff.

diy bracelet holder... Spray painted coffee mug holder! Genious!

So, I decided to take things control of my academic and blogging life finding to display my jewelry and separate my studying space and my jewelry blogging and designing space.Pink rose style jewelry storage organizer.

The first thing I did was look for jewelry displays that by the way are gorgeous but were out of my budget. Then I started to consider DIY jewelry displays and must I say…wow! The numerous ways make your own display. Of course, being the broke student, I try looking for the most cost-efficient

DIY jewelry organizer way to make my display while adding my personal flair on things. I mainly used Pinterest, Esty, and YouTube to get some ideas.

So yesterday I went to the closest  Dollar Tree and bought a few items. I got a glass bottle, a candle jar and two

rolls of duct tape to match the jar. I also bought a picture frame Then I went to target and bought a mini glue gun. From then I went home and started my project. I two a paper towel roll and two plastic bottles.I filled the paper towel roll and the two bottles with paper and mail packaging for additional sturdiness.

DIY jewelry organizer

After that cover them with duct tape and glued them to the top of the glass jars.

DIY jewelry organizer Then this is the finishing product! Bonus points, I also made a table that is only for my jewelry and I love it! It came out much better than I thought it would!

The thing I love about DIY projects is the extra room you have to add your own personal touch to things and the cost efficiency of these projects.  Remember, this is stuff I bought at Dollar Tree for 6 dollars (USD) and some bottles and paper towel roll that I would have thrown away or recycled.  I enjoy resuing this and recommend anyone to try this out!

It’s like another my personal blogging world is slowly growing. Just having this little space for myself really helps me. Tell me what you guys think? Do you like the look? Would you try this out?

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