A fashion line for men’s jewelry

Do we need a change?

If you are a frequent reader of JYJ it’s no secret that we are known for our feminine jewelry line. While jewelry, especially handmade jewelry industry.  It seems that menswear is not seen as important because we have this perception of what is being a man and the definition of masculinity. One of those is that men should not care about their looks.

At least, not as much as women do. This ties with the lack of being able to be in touch with yourself. Tell me if any fellas feel this way, I am not sure. I am not a man, so correct me if I am wrong! As a designer, I think your sense of style tells the world who you are.

This is included the type of pants, shirts, and shoes you like and what is your fashion palette, so to speak. Jewelry is the finishing touches that can make (or break) an outfit. Men should be free to express themselves through their jewelry.  Therefore, I’m starting a line of men’s jewelry.

Something fresh, in men’s jewelry

Men's jewelry amazon

I notice that men’s fashion is always an afterthought. I know I am guilty of that when one of my coworkers asked if I can custom design a bracelet for him. One thing I notice is when I asked him about his style or what he likes, there wasn’t a definite answer. He wanted something simple, but in his words, anything would do!

Now, I am not complaining, I enjoy the artistic and intellectual freedom to create a piece of jewelry. This gives me the ability to use any material that I see fit. The hardest part never was making the actual piece. It was taking the time to create a concept for the bracelet. I wanted to make sure whatever material I used goes with his style and his personality.

Brace yourself and let’s get started!

So, the first thing I did look up men jewelry on Google and look up men’s bracelets and bangles. The first thing I notice is the simplicity of each design. At the same time, there were some bold designs that I was inspired to make, such as making the clasp the centerpiece of the jewelry or making a leather bracelet. There were even gold, silver and copper bangles with symbols and designs engraved.

I could find a few ones I like, just to get an idea! Then I took those design concepts and made my own. What I learned is that handmade men’s jewelry is not marketed to men as I thought it was. While there are some nice ones, most of the handmade industry is still centered around women.

The recipe

I used two inches of 16-gauge flat aluminum, one-inch long slider bead,10 inches of flat leather cords, 24 inches of 26-gauge copper and two metal clasps.

men's jewelry look
Look at the bead!

As requested, the design is simple and the slider bead was the main motif of the bracelet. This was done by threading the 26-gauge copper wire through the bead. Then start wrapping the copper wire around flat copper around the 16-gauge flat aluminum and hold the bead in the middle of the flat wire and continue wrapping copper wire. Using the left-over wire to wrap it around the bead itself. This look is completed with two silver colored clasps.

men's jewelry
Front view of the final design.

After two hours of work, here are the end results. I must say, not bad for a rookie! Even though this bracelet was for a male customer in his early twenties, I personally feel anyone can wear it. This included for any occasion. You can wear this to a casual party or event. This is a fashion chameleon, you can wear this with your outfit to work, or class.

Leave the comments below, and should there more handmade jewelry be targeting men? Tell me what you think!



  1. Hi

    I am really glad I found this article, I actually saw the AN
    HZMAN Mix 6 Wrap Bracelets Men and was instantly drawn to it. I think it looks awesome, the good thing about this is that its quite unique. I think it would really look good if you wore a white t shirt with it or a black leather jacket. I am going to get one. Do you know if it is quite sturdy/durable?

    1. Hello,

      Yeah, the wrap bracelets gorgeous! I actually looked at the picture  to see the design and looked up the material and I brought the plain wrap leather bracelet from Michael’s, because I want to make one! My younger brother wear those and they really seem to last! I think that’s why I like bracelets like those, something that is relativity affordable but fashionably versatile. (At least in my humble opinion!)  Of course, to avoid it  from smelling funny just don’t wear it while in water. 🙂

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